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Great question!

Imagine this: You’ve found the perfect home or investment property, and you are ready to write an offer. You’re excited, you feel a sense of urgency, and you begin to realize that you need to assemble a team to help you with the purchase.

Who comes to mind?

Maybe it’s a savvy real estate agent--phone to her ear--negotiating the terms, helping you put your “best foot forward.” Maybe it’s a lender crunching the numbers, analyzing your finances, getting you the best rate. It could even be a home inspector or contractor—especially if you are looking to put in some “sweat equity!”

But did you think of the closing itself? You know that part of the whole deal where you sign papers and get the keys to your new property... Who handles that aspect? If you’re still reading, you’ve probably surmised the answer: a title company!

Actually, the title (or settlement) company begins working for you shortly after you go under contract. Most homebuyers do not think of title companies straightaway as they are not the most visible participants in their transactions—at least not until the very end—but they do play a critical role.

A title company helps to facilitate real estate transactions by reviewing public records, examining the chain of title, issuing title insurance, ensuring any outstanding liens are satisfied or released, holding funds in escrow, and disbursing funds in accordance with the contract terms. Most title companies also handle refinances. (Stay tuned for upcoming posts regarding these important facets of closing!)

Some title companies, such as Cotton Duck, offer additional legal services like ground rent redemptions, contract drafting, notaries, drafting wills, transferring deeds, and performing independent title searches.

If you’ve gone under contract and need assistance, we’d be happy to help! Please give us a call at 410.243.3825 to speak to one of our friendly employees and get started on your path to closing!

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