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The Cotton Duck Experience

The mission at Cotton Duck Title is to conduct real estate settlements with sensitivity to the needs and expectations of Buyers, Sellers, Agents, and Lenders, resulting in an informative, predictable, and positive experience for everyone involved. When you need title and settlement services, trust in Cotton Duck and settle with style, not stress.

Our Attorneys

Why Choose Cotton Duck?

Personal Service

As a small, independently owned title company, you can expect prompt & personal service. Because we're not "affiliated" with a specific real estate broker or lender, our relationship with you is free of bias and pressure.

Competitive Pricing

Transfer taxes, recording costs, and title insurance rates are fixed by law, so what you are really looking to compare are the fees generally categorized as "Settlement, Abstract, Title Review, Doc Prep, and Recording." These fees vary among title companies, and it is often difficult to compare quotes as many companies leave something out, and then charge more at the table. Our bottom line is this: we have low overhead, so we can afford to keep our fees at the low end of the spectrum. We will be far below the Good Faith Estimate given by your lender. We will beat any other quote for comparable services.

Real Estate Expertise

Dan Harvey, real estate lawyer, earned his JD from the University of Baltimore. He has been practicing real estate law in Hampden since 1993 and has advised hundreds of clients and closed over thirty thousand deals. You need an experienced attorney like Dan at the table: for explanation, for problem solving, and for balancing the interests of all involved.

Michael Alexander "Misha" Guy joined Cotton Duck in 2021. After graduating from Towson University and the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2013, Misha worked as a realtor, then in title company management, followed by civil law practice. Beyond his legal skills, Misha has artistic and musical talent, swims competitively, and has had his poetry published. You will no doubt enjoy having him as your settlement attorney. Misha brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm that complement the experience of the senior attorneys, Dan and Annie Harvey.

Andrea "Annie" Harvey received her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Maryland College Park in Chemistry and her JD from the University of Baltimore. She opened the practice with Dan in 1994. Annie specializes in title research and has searched over 10,000 titles in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties.

Q: What is the value of having an ATTORNEY at my closing?

Cotton Duck is staffed by attorneys, and an attorney will conduct your closing. Unlike other title companies, we don't subcontract with "Closing Agents" who have no real knowledge of your file. If questions arise - you want a document or a process explained, for example - an attorney will be at the table to answer with clarity, experience, and authority. And unlike a random "Closing Agent," you'll always know where to find us with questions you may have AFTER closing.

Location, Location, Location

You want the settlement experience to be a pleasure, a day to remember (in a good way). Our settlement/conference room is spacious and comfortable. Our neighborhood (Hampden) is great! Plan to shop, eat, and drink while you're here. Parking is available in an adjoining lot, and metered spaces are plentiful. Don't get stuck at a generic corporate office park, or a cramped, noisy Realtor® office. Settle here, then celebrate!

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If you're buying a home in Baltimore you definitely want to work with Cotton Duck. — Happy Client
Located in Historic Hampden, we serve Baltimore City & the surrounding counties of Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Harford.
Location 921 West 36th Street Baltimore, MD 21211
Hours Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
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