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Please browse our frequently asked questions, and feel free to call us if your question is not answered here. We are always here to help!

I’m looking for help with an automobile title. Can you help me with that?

No, sorry – we handle real estate titles, as in, who legally owns land and the houses and building on the land.

I need help with a property outside of Maryland.

Sorry, we only handle Maryland property.

Is a Title the same thing as Deed?

For our purposes, yes. When we say, “who owns a piece of real estate?” we want to know, “who is In Title, who is on the Deed?” Transfers of legal ownership of property is accomplished by Deeds. Deeds are submitted to Land Records, through a process called “Recording”

So you write deeds?

Yes. Lots of them. All different kinds, for example:

  • Traditional – Buyer/Seller, pursuant to Contract of Sale
  • Estates – transfer by inheritance
  • Interfamily – adding or removing a family member from title
  • True Gift – nothing is owed on the property and you want to give it to someone
  • Conversions – from an individual to an entity, such as an LLC
  • Conversions – from a forfeited LLC back to an individual
  • Related Entities – from a business to a related business
  • Trusts – deeds into and out of revocable and irrevocable trusts.

I think I need a Quit Claim deed – what is that?

It is a deed with no promises, no “warranties” of title - not a good option. After we interview you and understand what you are really trying to accomplish, we’ll give you something better.

What about ground rent? Do you understand it? Do you do ground right redemptions?

Yes! Getting rid of pesky ground rent is one of our favorite things to do.  We’ve done hundreds of “redemption deeds.” We know all the ins and outs of this quirk of Baltimore property law.

My father died and left me his house. How do I get title to it?

That’s probably going to be an Estate Deed. We’ll interview you to understand the situation, then investigate the Land Records, the Last Will and Testament (if any), and the Probate status.

I want to retitle my investment property to an LLC. Can you help with this?

Yes. This is called a “Conversion Deed” – you are converting from individual ownership to entity/LLC ownership. There are potential transfer tax issues and other complications, but we’ll help you sort them out.

I bought a property at a foreclosure auction can you do the settlement?


I bought a property at a receivership auction can you do the closing?


I’m dealing with the City of Baltimore on a project, can you provide guidance?


Can you handle a Tax Sale?

No. But we recommend Andrew Gray, Esq. Phone (410) 522-0998

I want to buy my neighbor’s house, but I don’t have a realtor, can you help with this?

Definitely. This is a “For Sale by Owner” aka a FSBO. We can write the Contract and provide Settlement Services if all parties agree.

Do you do double closings with assignments of contract?

It is not a service we actively offer. We have clients who “wholesale” and bring us two Contracts. We understand the process, but ultimately it is up to the Buyer/Assignee to chose the Title Company.

Can I sign my closing documents by "doc u sign" or similar e-signing processes?

Not yet.

I live out of state and I do not want to come to closing how do you handle this?

No problem. It is called “Remote Closing.” For a small fee we can manage the process.

What is out of state withholding tax?

It is complicated. Start with the Comptroller’s FAQs for this one!

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