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Home Owners

If you are ready to refinance, sell, or re-title your property, you need an independent, trust worthy, and cost-conscious voice.

Cotton Duck Offers

  • Refinance Rewards - Tell your lender that you want to settle at Cotton Duck. Remember, it's your choice, don't be steered (its illegal per State and Federal law).
  • "Reissue Rates" - We love our repeat customers, and they always get reissue rates. Even if you haven't been here before, we will make sure that you get discounted title insurance.
  • Government Programs - We are up on all the latest Federal (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) and State programs designed to assist home owners in these difficult times.
  • Home Closings - Settle at your house; we will bring the refi documents to you.
  • Personal Service - Your file won't get "lost in the crowd" like at the giant title companies.
  • Independent Advice - We're not affiliated with a specific loan broker, or lender, so our relationship with you is free of bias and pressure-BEWARE of being "steered."
  • Competitive Pricing - Transfer taxes, recording costs, and title insurance rates are fixed by law, so what you are really looking to compare are the fees generally categorized as "Settlement, Abstract, Title Review, Doc Prep, and Recording." These fees vary among title companies, and it is often difficult to compare quotes as many companies leave something out, and then charge more at the table. Our bottom line is this: we have low overhead, so we can afford to keep our fees at the low end of the spectrum. We will be far below the Good Faith Estimate given by your lender. We will beat any other quote for comparable services.
  • The Right Environment - You want your closing to be a pleasure, a day to remember, in a good way. We have 2 spacious and comfortable settlement/conference rooms. Our neighborhood (Hampden) is great! Plan to shop, eat, and drink while you're here. Settle in our new, freshly designed and decorated office, then celebrate! Don't get stuck at a generic corporate office park, or a cramped, noisy Lender's office. We have 3 available, marked parking spaces behind our building and plenty of metered spots out front.
  • Pet Friendly - We might even have treats stashed away
  • Bring the Kids - Coloring books, matchbox cars, and toys are available.
  • Dan Harvey - Dan will be there to close your deal. Dan has advised hundreds of clients on real estate matters and closed over two thousand deals. You need an experienced attorney like Dan at the table: for explanation, for problem solving, and for balancing the needs and interests of all involved.
  • Also Available for Homeowners:
    • Deed Changes - add or remove someone from title, create a life estate, convert to/from an LLC or a Corporation
    • Ground Rent Redemption
    • For Sale By Owner services - Contract writing and negotiating
    • Contract review
    • Representation at closing
Join Our Family of Ducklings
As always, Cotton Duck was the smoothest, most organized part of the process. — Union.
Located in Historic Hampden, we serve Baltimore City & the surrounding counties of Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Harford.
Location 921 West 36th Street Baltimore, MD 21211
Hours Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
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