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You work hard for your clients and your deals. You need a title company that respects your efforts.

NEW FOR 2014:  are you aware that the "Primary Residence Rule" for reduced State Recordation Tax has changed?  Now, when you refinance ANY property you can subtract your principal balance from the new loan amount and only pay Rec Tax on the "new money." 

For example:  if you own a Baltimore City rental property worth 300K, with a mortgage of 200K @ 7%, and you find a new loan for 250K @ 5%, you will only pay rec tax on the new money -- the 50K.  Your rec tax will be $500, where previously it would have been 1% of the entire loan amount ($2,500).

Cotton Duck offers:

  • Sensitivity to the needs of your clients-every client is different, and every deal is different; we try to identify what we can do to help your clients, whether it is answering questions, preparing a power of attorney, wiring funds, or being flexible with their busy schedules -- for just a few examples
  • A package for you at the table: two copies of the HUD, your check(s), and two copies of your check(s)
  • Communication is key-with you, your staff, the lender, and the borrower; keeping everyone in the loop is a priority
  • HUD-1s-before closing, when you need them, and approved by you every time
  • A comfortable, spacious conference room designed to minimize distractions and keep everyone focused
  • Closings by an attorney-our definition of professional service means being courteous, being ON TIME, organizing the title and loan documents in an understandable sequence, and having the knowledge to answer questions and balance the needs and interests of everyone at the table
  • Participate in our Market Survey and become eligible for Realtor Rewards
  • Experience with all types transactions and loan products: FHA, VA, Conventional, Reverse, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, SCOPE, Live Near Your Work Grants, City Grants, non-profits, and more
  • Parking is available adjacent to our building, and at many nearby meters
  • Hampden is fun! Bring your clients, settle, then celebrate at our eclectic shops, bars, and restaurants
  • Join our list of Repeat Realtors


Cotton Duck Title Co.
735 W 36th St.
Baltimore MD, 21211

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Located in Historic Hampden, serving Baltimore City and surrounding counties:

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