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Where'd You Get That Name?

That's a question we get a lot. Here's the answer:

Our building is located in the north Baltimore City neighborhood of Hampden. The industrial revolution of the 1880s brought capitalists to the area who harnessed the power of the Jones Falls River and built giant milling operations. Hampden became the textile manufacturing capital of the United States. The number one product? A heavy canvas sail cloth, that they called "cotton duck."

The influence of that time can still be seen and felt in Hampden. The mill buildings, the stone houses, the row homes, and The Avenue, are the obvious reminders, but there is also a spirit, a vibe, a soul to the neighborhood that residents cherish, and visitors recognize.

We'd like to think that we're connected to this history. Our name is intended to pay tribute to the product, and the people, that put Hampden on the map.

A Few Words About Hampden Today

Hampden is a great place to shop, eat, drink, and enjoy life. Within a few blocks of Cotton Duck's office, you will find lots of unique businesses and restaurants. Hampden is famous for HonFest in June, and the Christmas Lights in December. Check out www.hampdenmerchants.com for more information, and be sure to spend some time here, before or after your settlement at Cotton Duck.

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